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One of the three Authorities of the Federation, apart from the President and the Assembly, are the Scientific Discipline Councils:

  • Scientific Discipline Council for Mechanical Engineering

Chairman: Andrzej KOMOREK, PhD, Eng.

  • Scientific Discipline Council for Civil Engineering and Transport

Chairman: Mieczyslaw BAKUŁA, PhD, Eng.

  • Scientific Discipline Council for Security Science

Chairman: Captain (N) Bartomiej PĄCZEK, PhD

  • Scientific Discipline Council for Pedagogics

Chairman: Jerzy KOJKOŁ, PhD

  • Scientific Discipline Council for Automation, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Chairman: Grzegorz GRZECZKA, PhD, Eng.


The tasks of each Scientific Discipline Council include in particular:

  • identifying priority areas for research and development in a given discipline;
  • conducting activities in proceedings for the award of an academic degree;
  • awarding academic degrees in the scope of the powers held;
  • giving opinions on projects of doctoral school education programs in a given discipline;
  • consideration of other matters submitted by the President or the Assembly of the Federation.